This product has been discontinued. Please see our replacement product SRX5308.

The SRX5308 offers

  • At least 5x faster throughput
  • SSL VPN capability
  • Enhanced IPsec VPN functionality and compatibility with Windows 7 systems
  • 4 WAN ports with session based load balancing
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High-performance, Manageable Dual WAN Security Firewall

At the heart of your office network, NETGEAR’s high performance security appliance, ProSafe® Dual WAN VPN Firewall offers a complete security solution for small and medium-sized companies.This rack-mountable, stateful packet inspection (SPI) firewall is equipped with support for up to 200 security associations (VPN tunnels). The FVX538 can serve as a DHCP server, supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Quality of Service (QoS) and has a powerful SPI firewall to protect your PCs against intruders and most common Internet attacks.

Featuring eight auto-sensing 10/100 Mbps LAN ports, one Gigabit LAN port and two 10/100 WAN ports, the ProSafe® VPN Firewall FVX538 lets multiple computers in your office share two Internet connections. The dual WAN ports let you connect a second Internet line as a backup to insure that you’re never disconnected. One LAN port can be dedicated as a hardware DMZ port for safely providing services to the Internet without compromising security on your LAN. 

Richer Security 
This powerful VPN Firewall extends security from the network core to the perimeter by preventing unauthorized network access using a SPI firewall, blocking denial-of-service (DoS) and other attacks, encrypting traffic traveling across the Internet.

Capacity To Spare 
Dual WAN ports support two broadband connections. A second WAN port supports an additional broadband connection. This second WAN connection may be configured as a failover connection in case the primary connection fails or can be used to balance the workload by distributing traffic across the two connections for optimal per-user bandwidth.

Superior Value and Usability 
Competitively priced and SNMP manageable, convenient VPN Wizard gathers basic information about your networks and recommends a VPN solution with supporting instructions. Bundled with NETGEAR’s ProSafe VPN client software (VPNG01L and VPNG05L) — a five-user license is included. Virtual Private Network Consortium (VPNC) certified VPN supports secure data connectivity and transmission over the Internet and ensures interoperability with many other popular security products.

FVX538 product network diagram 

†Lifetime warranty for product purchased after 05/01/2007. For product purchased before 05/01/2007, warranty is 3 years.

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Ordering Part Number (United States) : FVX538NA